a dancer's day

Friday, August 01, 2008

my life right now

well, i don't know where to start really, i guess i'll start here:
dad left us all about a week ago to "find himself" (so he tells me with a smerk and a wink) he's going to just about every state in the united states. he'll be gone for about 17 more days. we all miss him very bad. but we all take advantage of his missing and..... VACATION!!!!!!! we go to the beach, just the 4 of us and get reservations to a VERY nice hotel in DOWNTOWN MYRTLE BEACH! only for 3 days though. the first day, we get there about 1:00 in the after noon and since we can't check into the hotel til 4:00, we go over to mom's friends hotel to stay untill 4:00. we put our bathing suits on and run down to the beach. excited to see the beach once again, we run in and ride the HUGE WAVES! jack assures us that the 4 foot waves are NOT big at all because when he was just in costa rica "he saw waves 6 TO 10 FEET HIGH!" I thought they were big. the biggest ones i've ever seen. i don't think i could last a day in the waters of costa rica. i'd probably get carried under and drown. not fun. these waves were just right. i only got carried under like... twice. that's not a lot for me... at all. we came out about 15 minutes later and layed on the beach for about 15 more minutes. we got back into the water untill about 2:00. BBBBBOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! the loudest thunder i've ever heard. ever. CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again, more thunder. FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!! the brightest lightning i've ever seen. ever. will and i look at each other and both yell, "GET OUT. NOW!!!" we run through the impossible thick ocean water. we ran and ran and ran. rain came down poring. we gathered our things quickly and ran back up to mom's friends room, dried up and watched the rain come down on the ocean. 4:00 came quickly, we signed in and went out to eat. next day, we sat on the beach. that's all. the third day. we got up. early, packed our stuff, and left, went shopping for school clothes. for a long time. we finaly left at about 3:00 and headed home. the end. that's pretty much all i've done. yep.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

God hears us

last night, dad, me and Will, went out to wall*mart to get some grocery's. I stayed with them for most of the time. but once someone upsets me, I am gone. I ran to the shoe department. I looked back to make sure will or dad weren't following me. but sure enough, there was will right behind me making sure i didn't run to far. I kept running from him. but when ever I looked back, will was there. I decided it was time for a little agent 00M. It was time to confuse will so he wouldn't keep following me. I run back to the shoe department where they have like 10 rows of just shoes. At the end of every row, there was a seat so you could sit down and try on the shoes. I decided to rest there a while. I noticed that will did not come. I peeked out behind a huge box of boots to see where will was. he obviously didn't know where i was. He was looking for me behind a big rack of clothes. Victory for agent 00M. Will moved on to look for me in another place. Now that i lost will, i could pretty much go any where. I wander around the super store for about 20 minutes. All of the sudden, it dawned on me how long it had been. I decided I had been alone for long enough and it was time to go find my family. I headed away from the t.v. section and started migrating back to the shoe department to see if will came back to see if I was there anymore. Bad news, I couldn't find the shoe department. I started walking all the way around the store looking for the shoes, but I just couldn't find them. about 10 minutes later, I arrived at the shoes. so happy and relieved, I walked back to the seat. but will was not there. now I was really scared. my stomach started feeling weird and I got really nervous. I did something really stupid, and went looking for them. now, if you didn't know, wall*mart is a very very big store. You could easily get lost in it. I looked for about another 20 minutes, and I was very sorry for leaving them like this. I had never been lost before, and this seemed like a pretty serious case for my first time. I think the lady at the dressing room got a little suspicious because I walked past the dressing rooms like, 10 times trying to find my way through the maze of clothes and food and more. every time I walked by her, she gave me the look. she raised one eyebrow. I think she knew what my case was. but she didn't bother to ask. I walked back to the first place we went to see if they went back for something. they weren't there either. I went to the bed and pillow place just because. I sat down with one of the pillows and hugged it. I started crying. I was terrified! I then thought maybe they went to the cash registers to see if I would come there. so I ran up front to the registers and.............. no daddy and will. now I was really in a situation. but then I realized that I hadn't checked in the food department. I ran over there. I looked every where. still no family. I depressingly walk back to the clothes. I sit down in one of those spinning clothes racks. Then I realized that I was being so dumb. I never even thought about praying.
I prayed to God that he would lead me to my family. I stayed in the clothes rack for another minute or so because I knew that I looked really bad because I was crying. I stood up and walked out of the rack. A few ladies stared at me because they had no clue that I was hiding in their clothes. but I didn't care. I knew God would lead me to my family. I just started walking around. no purpose, I didn't know where God was taking me. I just walked. I noticed that I was walking back to the food department. I stopped walking. I looked around in front of me and.................. DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked up to them. extremely happy to see them. but then I remembered that I was mad at them. So I hid behind a huge box of fruit. for about 5 minutes. they didn't realize I was there. but my dad said,"hey, look who decided to join us!" I'd hate to admit it, but I was very happy to see them. they had NO CLUE of what I just went through. but if they are reading this right now, they do.

this is a story to prove that God hears us, and he wants to guide us through our hard, scary times that we think we can do it, but in the end, we totally screw up. when I prayed to God, he lead me RIGHT to my dad and will. That was a miracle that I will NEVER forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


i am really sorry guys, that i have neglected to update my blogg. i was having some technical difficalties. but i finially figured it out. so, i guess i should tell you what i has been happening lately. well, i have been posting a whole lot of pictures on flickr. if u don't know what it is, check it out. aspeacially mine, my dad's, my mom's and my brothers. www.flickr.com/photos/stinkweed. or www.flickr.com/photos/rodlewis. or www.flickr.com/photos/rodsunshine. or www.flickr.com/photos/weaseljack. those are our flicr sites. were we express our feelings through the love of our pictures. Today while i was standing singing the worship at our church, i looked over at jack (my older brother) to see what he was doing. i saw that he was singing along with his hands held way up in the air. and his eyes closed. I could really tell God was speaking to him. the song was called, all i am is your's. and part of it said, i lift my hands to you and i can't remember the rest. =] i thought that if i just could have gotten a picture of jack with his brown eyes closes shut, and his big tan hands way up in the air, it would be great. i would call it all i am is your's. and i would put it on my flickr site. it would've been awesome. but i can't really bring back the time. and i don't think it would be the same if i went up to jack and asked him to pose it. That would just be okward. i know he wouldn't want to. i guess next week i could bring a camera to church and catch pics while i am there. i don't think any one would mind. i think it is a great way to share the gospel, what i do. i do a lot of online sharing things. like this. and flickr. and i can just share my feelings and how i think my life should be lived. but there are lots of bad things about things like this. it is dangerous. and if i think something that someone else doesn't agree with, i don't know, it could get out of hand. but that has not happened yet. And i really don't think it will. so i don't why i am thinking like this. But you never know. I think if i really share what i believe, God will guide me and pretect me. i feel i have really grown in Christ. and i always imagine growing even more. You can always grow in everything. no matter what it is. from body growth, to spiritial growth. and i think that what ever you think you might be growing in, stick to it, and try. i have gotten a lot more serious in my life. i actually talk about important things now. and not just. like what i have been doing in school lately. some people might want to know that. but that is not what i come to share to people. i don't think that is my job. and i deffinatly know that is not what God is telling me to do! =] This way, i can share the word of God to everyone in the world who dicides to get onto the computer. well, i think i better go for now. i promise to write more! and i have a great idea for tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the beautiful crow

yesterday i was doing my daily devotionals. i do them in the morning so that i can start off my day with something good. my dovotion said that i should go out side because i was to look for birds. well, i thought this was weird, it tells me to get up to do this in the morning. so it is cold out, so i get a blanket and walk out to the back deck. i sit down on one of our chairs, and cover myself in the blanket that i brought out. oddly, there were NO birds out. so i started to read my devontions, and it told me to pray to God and ask him to show me his most beautiful bird. i thought this was going to be insain. but, it was worth a try. (remember, there are no birds outside) so i bow my head and i pray,
Dear God,
please help me to see the most beautiful bird you have created.
outside this cold morning, show a beautiful bird.
right when i opened my eyes, a crow flew over the deck where i was. i was in total shock. i was not just in shock that he showed me a bird when there were none out, but i was amazed that he would choose to show me a crow. my davotions were about soaring on wings like eagles. my mom told me that here, we see all these little birds, and their wings as they fly, are not so gracefull. they take little tiny fluttery flaps. but crows, they glide, yes, they do have a funny call. but if you sit outside and listen to them call and play with each other, you get used to it. the call being very unique, being lound, fun, happy but alarmful at the same time. they don't only care about themselfs. not at all. if crows call five times, that is a warning to other birds that something dangerous is aproching. they need to hide and get away. i want to know why farmers don't like them. yes, they might eat the corn, but who knows, that might be for a good reason. didn't God make them? that would mean that God made them to eat the corn. so that can't be a bad thing. God doesn't make mistakes. crows are one of the most intelligent birds ever. they can learn to talk and they make increadable pets. you may think crows are just pich black and ugly, but really their feathers are rainbow colors. if the sun shines on it just right, you see it. that is how it is with a lot of things. God doesn't always just give you the answers. he doesn't want you to be lazy. you actually have to find things out yourself. i learned from this devotion that you have to look at things another way. with other eyes. i always say, people have two sets of eyes. regular eyes and heavenly eyes. you should always use your heavenly eyes. they show you things you never dreamed of. it is just your choice to use either one. God uses a lot of things like this. if you don't see them, you are not using heavenly eyes. don't judge things before you absolutly know exactly everything about it. take Simon the judge for American Idol for instence. he does his job,and does it well. and doesn't let a lot of people in but most people who have wonderful voices. would if someone had special ed problems and really wanted to sing in this. but didn't have the best voice. Simon would't let him in. because he didn't know everything about it. if God were the judge, he would aspecaily let him in. aspecaily if he blieved in God. and sang a Christian song. if he went to sing, God would let him in. he doesn't judge him by his singing. he judges him by what he believes in. and what he chooses to do with his life. not his bad voice. just think, Simon doesn't let him in, and he goes home and cries and cries and cries. he hears on his T.V that God is now a judge. he believes in God and he goes. God tells Simon to let him in. because of the way he is inside. caring and beautiful. Simon listens to God and now understands. now Simon can't do this every time because he can't let EVERY ONE in. Simon is a great judge. but he can't always go past his judging. and we can't go past our judging on God's Creation. God created Simon special. and we can't judge Simon. God loves everything. He created everything for a purpose. and every thing is beautiful in it's own way. you just have to look at it with heavenly eyes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

spring power

spring is a time where buds burst out
spring is full of power
spring is a time where birds sing and shout
spring is full of power
spring is a time where rain starts coming
spring is full of power
spring is a time where bees are humming
spring is full of power
spring is a time where kids play and play
spring is full of power
spring is a time where people shout but don't say
spring is full of power
spring is a time where new lives begin
spring is full of power
spring is a time where color starts to tend
spring is full of power
spring is a time where the world lightens up
spring is full of power
spring is a time where cold times are pup (little)
spring is full of power
spring is a time where people are happy
spring is full of power
spring is a time where no one is snappy
spring is full of power
spring is a time where God does is magic
spring is full of power

But the thing about spring is what God does to it,
it represents when Jesus returns for us, new life will be spread.
no sin in our lives, like babies, the little buds will open, and our lives will open up to God, as the flowers open up to rain, spring, spring, spring, hot,sunny,absolutely beautiful. and it is all about new beginnings. be born again I tell you. Be born again in Christ. As spring does for the world. God bless all.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

just for you daggy

OK here it goes:


OK. did you like? because i wont sing again. oh OK. fine. actually, i kinda like singing this! just for u daggy!


OK. that was it. you will just have to live with not hearing me sing again. and dad, you will just have to wait till tonight when the whole family sings to you. and you get to blow out all those pretty candles! no matter how old you are and no matter how gray you get, you will always be the same dancing daddy that i always knew! and remember dad, you don't get old until you are 100 years old. and i will always here the same loud singing when you get that old scratchy voice, i promise. daggy, your voice will sing with us at your birthday party tonight! i know it! here we all are, singing to you, and there you are making your awesome birthday wish, singing the song to yourself!

today is my dad's birthday. i wont tell you how old he is for 3 reasons :
  • YOU wouldn't believe me because he looks so young.
  • he wont want me to
  • and i shouldn't have said that because that makes him sound old.
yes, those are the 3 reasons i wont tell you. but seriously, he really isn't old AT ALL! if you want, you can go ahead and guess. and like i said. he wont be old until he is 100. and he is NO WHERE NEAR 100 years! what a beautiful day to have a birthday! sunny, warm, the sound of birds chirping, makes you want to make your birthday wish on: i wish everyday was like this! really! i mean, it's like a fairy tale here! if you don't live here, that stinks. if i looked outside right now, just about every one would be out doing something. (except for dad who is asleep on the couch right now) he must be tired. which is bad. you aren't supposed to sleep on your birthday. you are supposed to have fun! i am sure he is having fun though. today on our way home from dance, he was telling me how tired he was. and let me tell you this, he sounded very happy, but very tired at the same time. i could never do that! and that tells you how cool and special my daddy is! and that is how he should be on his birthday. well, i should probably go outside and play on the one day it is so nice outside! oh yeah, i almost forgot! the other day, my mom and i saw a robin outside downtown. so dad and i looked for them today. but unluckily, there were none down there. maybe later. well, bye. ttfn (ta ta for now.)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


today i had saftey patrol at school. it was really icey and cold and rainy. my hands were numb and my nose was hard and it hurt. we all had compititions on who could make the most steam come from their mouth. there was this one car that i had to open and it had a little 2 grader and a kindergardner. the 2 grader hopped out and was away in a flash. but the kindergardner just stood in his van and was reaching down the back of his shirt. his mom was telling him to go and stop fiddiling. but that little kid just stood there. his mom asked what he was doing. (what really got me mad was that she didn't really care. but she was holding up trafic. she was all calm.) he said in his cute little kid voice, "i gotta get my hood out of my shirt. or the wet rain will soak my nogin." i laughed and my friends laughed. finally his mom helped him and he got out of the car and we moved on with the day. the reason i am home right now is because today was a half day. but we were also delayed 2 hours for the icey roads. which meant that we only had 1 hour and 1 half to go to school! we had 1 hour in 1block. and 30 min. in 2block. then we went home. it was ironic! we did nothing practicly! i don't want tomarrow to be a school day. i want to be delayed again or miss school. but i would have to make it up later this year. so it stinks anyway i do it! this year is going really well for me. i hope it has gone well for everyone else too! i have put my best efort to it and i am trying to blog more often. right now as i sit, i am talking to u. but i am also feeling my jeans. both kind of jeans. my jeans that i wear and the other kind. my jeans are soaked from the rain and, and my legs and toes are cold. i walked home from school shivering and right when i saw the house, i ran to it to get warm! do u ever get that feelling were u get so cold, u shiver and then if u stop, u get warm for like 3 seconds? that happens to me. but at this point, i can't do that. i am WAY to cold! i just saw my jeans when i walked in. i felt a cold brush up against my leg. i looked down and my whole pant leg was soaked. i let it air dry. but they are still wet! my other jeans i felt "kicked" in when i saw a little boy of a different race than me staired at me on the bus.he looked at me with little eyes that twinkled in the sunlight. i almost cried. just looking at him made me happy. then, i knew exactly what my mom meant when she says "shine" for Jesus. that little boy, showed me that he had Jesus in his little sore heart. he looked as if he had been through a lot at his house and later at school. and i wanted to pick him up and hug him. we stared at each other for almost the whole bus ride. comunicated through facail expressions. it was my stop and i got up and looked at him with my eyes in his eyes. his eyes swelled with little soft tears just enough for u to see if u got face to face with him. yet he made no sound. then, it happend. he waved at me and said "bye". i waved a tiny wave back and climbed off the bus. NOW, are u ready for the suprise ending? that boy just happend to be my book buddy. plus, he was my friends little brother. here is the second part, that was not a true story. ha ha! :) yes, i tricked u! i was practicing my writing skills. but the whole my reall jeans that i wear was true. just not the little boy part. did u like it? he he he! it was a really sweet story and i wish it would have happend! that would have made my day! well, i should go. don't worry, i will give u some more of my realistic fiction stories later! i hope u will like them! have a great weekend! =]